SILENTLITE®: The Complete MRI Examination Room Lighting Solution 

Non Magnetic Luminaires

Emergency Battery Back Up

Dimming & Parallel Redundancy

Generates no RF Interference

High Reliability & Long Lifespan

Excellent Colour Rendition

Adjustable Illumination - 15-300 Lux

Modular & Upgradeable

Virtual Skylights

SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)

Efficient LED Light Engines

Energy & Maintenance Cost Savings

... The Lighting Engineers Choice for MRI Rooms

SILENTLITE® Lighting Systems & Virtual Skylights were designed by European EMC Products for MRI users who were dissatisfied with the reliability of Tungsten Halogen Lighting.

The SILENTLITE® LED luminaires are non-magnetic and unaffected by strong magnetic fields, vastly improving reliability and creating a longer life span.

SILENTLITE® uses the latest LED and power conversion technologies to bring customers energy and maintenance savings and excellent colour rendition.

SILENTLITE® Promises :

Quality examination room lighting with a dimming option for patient comfort. Users can also choose battery back-up options for seamless emergency lighting in the event of blackouts. SILENTLITE®'s Power Electronics produces no RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) ensuring electromagnetic compatibility with MRI scanners.

SILENTLITE® Customers:

A number of MRI installations have been fitted out with SILENTLITE® lighting systems including a suite of 3 state-of-the-art MRI rooms at: The New Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel which boasts the best health care facilities to be found anywhere in Europe.   



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