The Complete MRI Examination Room Lighting Solution

SILENTLITE® - A state of the art MRI compatible LED lighting & Virtual Skylite system designed by European EMC Products for MRI healthcare facilities who were dissatisfied with the reliability of tungsten halogen lighting.


  • Control box includes input and output RF filtration
  • Non Magnetic Luminaires
  • Battery Back-Ups in the Event of Power Failure (if the lights are already on)
  • Dimming & Parallel Redundancy
  • Generates no RF Interference
  • High Reliability & Long Lifespan
  • Excellent Colour Rendition
  • Adjustable Illumination - 15-300 Lux
  • Modular & Upgradeable
  • SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)
  • Efficient LED Light Engines
  • Energy & Maintenance Cost Savings
  • MTBF to Mil Std 217F – 30,000hrs at full illumination, 25°C ambient (Ground Benign).
  • Low temperature, interference free lighting

Key Facts

SILENTLITE® uses the latest LED and power conversion technologies to bring customers energy and maintenance savings and excellent colour rendition.

The SILENTLITE® LED luminaires are non-magnetic and unaffected by strong magnetic fields. Together this vastly improves reliability and creates a longer life span.

SILENTLITE® consumes just 25% of the power of Halogen lighting, therefore reducing energy costs and air conditioning use. The anticipated saving for an MRI chamber is £600 per year.

Why Silentlite