EEP and Covid-19

Whilst we are living in difficult and unpredictable times, European EMC Products have maintained operations and continue to provide our customers with solutions to their shielding requirements.  To achieve this we have implemented a number of procedures and precautions to allow all of our employees to continue working safely throughout the pandemic.  EEP are proud to say that we have continued meeting our customers’ needs and have not had the need to take advantage of the Government’s Job Support Scheme.

Where possible we have facilitated working from home for our office based employees, and adopted social distancing and enhanced hygiene precautions within the offices for those whose role or circumstances require them to work at EEP’s premises. 

In line with the Construction Leadership Council and Government guidelines, we have separated our site workforce into teams who work together, minimising contact with others, and, maintaining social distance or adopting mitigating measures as required.  All site employees have access to hand sanitizers, and all employees have been issued face coverings to be worn as required in addition to the mandatory PPE which is provided in adherence to health and safety legislation.

We will continue to work together to provide the service and solutions our customers have come to know and expect from all at EEP.