Silentlite in Kit Form

Maintenance & trouble-free lighting available to purchase in kit form to be installed by a third party, suitably qualified engineer.

Our Silentlite LED Lighting, Virtual Skylites & Virtual Wall Panels are now available to purchase in kit form for third party installation and commissioning by a suitably qualified engineer.

Silentlite® in kit form contains everything required for a successful installation into both MRI examination rooms and non-MRI applications by a suitably qualified engineer. The only additional items required are one or two 5A switched fused Spurs (depending on whether the kit purchased is a single or dual power supply system) for the mains and 2 back boxes for the switch and dimmer to be installed.

Each Silentlite kit comprises of:

  • Silentlite Control Box & Penetration Plate (pre-wired ready for installation).
  • 4, 6, 8 or 12 LED Panels (wired ready to mount).
  • Optional 1 - 2 Power Circuits.
  • Switch/Dimmer Assembly.
  • Grey Dimmer Control Cable (connected to the Silentlite control box).
  • Main Lighting Junction Control Box.
  • Contractors 20mm Conduit Pack.
  • 30m Wire 14AWG BK/RD Twisted Pair.
  • Control Box Fixing Kit - M6 Bolts/Nuts/Washers
  • 20mm Brass Back Nut for Control Box (already mounted on control box).
  • Mounting/Frame.

When purchasing a Virtual Skylite or Wall Panel kit the following is included:

  • Acrylic Printed Panels
  • Photo licence Payment to Ensure Authorised Use of Purchased Image.

To obtain a bespoke quotation and learn more about the requirements of the room and exclusions when purchasing in kit form, please contact a member of our technical team.