SILENTLITE® Lighting Specification

Specification & Set Up:

  • 6, 8, or 12 LED panel aluminium lamps. Bespoke options available upon request.

  • Optional 1 - 4 power circuits.

  • 2 or 4 of the lamp panels in the system act as battery back-ups in the event of power failure (if the lights are already on)

  • 220/240V 50/60Hz input.

  • 40V DC lighting system meets SELV circuit requirements.

  • Battery back-up standby capability:
              - 60 minutes before lux level falls below 50 lux.
              - 4 hours before lux level falls below 10 lux.
              - Batteries require 6 hours to recharge.

    * The above figures quoted are for a typical system install with two panels battery backed up.
  • Batteries require 6 hours to recharge.

  • Control box includes input and output RF filtration

  • Silentlite® consumes just 25% of the power of Halogen lighting which reduces energy costs and air conditioning.

  • Anticipated annual saving for an MRI chamber: £600.

  • High quality lighting – colour rendition index of 85; colour temperature 4100K.

  • Each panel fits a standard 600 x 600mm ceiling grid and weighs 2kg.

  • 120° beam angle.

  • Silentlite® control electronics assures no possibility of strobing.

  • MTBF to Mil Std 217F – 30,000hrs at full illumination, 25°C ambient (Ground Benign).

Warranty: 12 months from practical completion.