Silentlite® MRI LED Lighting Systems - The System of Choice

Silentlite®; a unique LED lighting system designed to meet the demands of an MRI Chamber.

Utilising the latest long-life dimmable, white, LED lamps, a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more can be achieved with a Silentlite® installation. Providing high quality light at higher efficiencies, our patented lamps are unaffected by the strong magnetic fields created by an MRI scanner, and provide a low interference and reliable alternative to Tungsten Halogen Lighting.

Tungsten halogen had been the preferred method for lighting MRI chambers for many years. With their improved efficiency, lengthier claimed life span, excellent light quality and non-magnetic construction they make the obvious choice. Unfortunately, Tungsten halogen lamps used in MRI examination rooms do not seem to achieve their published lifetimes; Filament stress due to the high magnetic fields is the likely cause of premature failures.

The latest white LED lighting promises high quality light with ultra-long lifetimes. They are non-magnetic and completely unaffected by strong magnetic fields - an irresistible choice for MRI lighting? Regrettably, most commercially available LED lighting systems use switch-mode power control which produces radio frequency interference, which therefore renders them unsuitable for MRI examination room use.

Silentlite® produces virtually no electromagnetic emissions and consumes just 25% of the power of halogen lighting - reducing energy costs by an anticipated £600 for an MRI chamber annually. The LED panels are extremely lightweight and the assembly is SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) for easy installation. 

The Silentlite® control box which contains the power supply unit, current control boards, back up batteries and RF filters mounts on the outside of the Faraday Cage. All connections are filtered, therefore no radio frequency interference is induced, conducted or radiated into the chamber.

Silentlite® is also available in Kit Form which contains all the proprietary components required for installation. 

Silentlite® carries a Declaration of Conformity covering compliance to the Low Voltage and EMC Directives for use in the medical environment: EN60950-1:2001 and EN60601-1-2:2001.



European EMC Products are registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Certificate number: FS38901

Our registered activities are as follows:

  • The design, assembly, installation, servicing and testing of RF shielded structures and equipment, including EMI shielding, gas tight doors and specialised mobile electromagnetic pulse protection (EMPP) containers
  • Radio Frequency, magnetic shielding and quench systems for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners
  • The design, assembly and installation of ionising radiation protection facilities
  • And the design, assembly and installation of dimmable LED lighting systems

It is the policy of European EMC Products Limited to establish, maintain and develop an effective and efficient Quality Management System that both contributes to the above objectives and conforms with the requirements as defined in BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Management System manual and associated documented procedures outline the activities required of all Company personnel to maintain and develop the system to conform with the above.

Each SILENTLITE® panel fits a standard 600 x 600mm ceiling grid and weighs 2kg.

SILENTLITE® is also available in Kit Form which contains all the proprietary components required for installation. 

SILENTLITE® uses non-switch-mode technology to drive the LED lamps and to charge standby batteries, giving continuous uninterruptable illumination in the event of power failure.